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Summers in Milan Rangr Studio & Chartlet Design

Simple, elegant, maintainable. Originally designed as a weekend retreat for a couple who had rented in the area for quite some time, this house was built with a small budget in mind. While not exactly a head turner from the street, it’s the rear of the house that will create inspiring views. Located just outside¬†Milan, NY, the rear of house provides some excellent views of the Catskill Mountains. Nothing is overdone or complex here, just a simple floor plan and a great porch located atop a peaceful hill with some room to breath. Sounds lovely.

704 Square Feet Source: NY Times

Gone are the days of bigger is better. Recently the trend has shifted to smaller, but more importantly, more efficient homes. Easily maintainable, potentially self sufficient, and environmentally responsible are now the traits more and more couples are looking for in their homes. Nestled in Portland OR, this 704 square foot home was custom built for roughly $135,000 (not including land purchase) and has more than enough room for the couple who built it.

Blue Ridge Hideaway Carlton Architecture

Residing the gorgeous Blue Ridge foothills of North Carolina, this Piedmont residence takes full advantage of it’s seclusion. Floor to ceiling glass surround the structure allowing for multiple rooms to have views on either side. A small lap pool just outside master bedroom is a perfect distraction from the mostly stone foundation which lies atop a rolling evergreen hilltop. Over hanging the ceiling past the full glass walls provides some much needed shade in the summer while keeping moisture away during the rain. This residence is a true getaway amongst the trees.

Distant Mirage Marmol Radziner

A concept car for prefab homes, this gorgeous vacation home in Desert Hot Springs was built as an experiment of sorts. A re-envisioning of mid-century aesthetics, the architect duo Ron Radziner and Leo Marmol created this uniquely striking home to test and idea: what if they could change the perception of what prefab homes meant. Removing the existing troupes of cheap, temporary, and mundane; a modern marvel of steel, concrete, and glass now stands in place of a unproven concept. Unfortunately however, this was still very much a prototype as replicating it would cost around $985,000.

Great Barrier House Crosson, Clarke, Carnachan Architects

Located on Great Barrier Island in New Zealand, there a masterpiece of timber. Completely sustainable, this home was built with it’s surroundings in mind. It’s elevated timber exoskeleton reflects the neighboring trees and provides flood protection during the rainy season. The porches and exterior facing rooms are aligned for the greatest sun exposure, while still keeping the home cool in the summer. Without any neighbors close by, the living spaces are enclosed with sliding glass doors that the breeze can flow through during the warmer days while still providing excellent views during the colder days. Solar panels on the roof and a water tower provide ample resources for living on this is gorgeous piece a property nestled in the trees.