Project Categories Open Floor Plan

Silver House Hyde+Hyde Architects

Modern, small, and elevated, this beauty nestled in the Gower Peninsula of South Wales epitomizes what’s popular in architecture currently; and for good reason. Although not built yet, this concept employs some of the best ideas in recent memory. Elevated wrap around porches will always provide a natural extension of any open space (especially when using glass) while an angled roofline over the interior hallway create indoor separation. The interior design looks idealized towards a modern and retro combination, here’s hoping they can build a chimney for that gorgeous fireplace.

Summers in Milan Rangr Studio & Chartlet Design

Simple, elegant, maintainable. Originally designed as a weekend retreat for a couple who had rented in the area for quite some time, this house was built with a small budget in mind. While not exactly a head turner from the street, it’s the rear of the house that will create inspiring views. Located just outside¬†Milan, NY, the rear of house provides some excellent views of the Catskill Mountains. Nothing is overdone or complex here, just a simple floor plan and a great porch located atop a peaceful hill with some room to breath. Sounds lovely.

Outpost Olson Kundig

In the middle of Idaho there exists a single bedroom masterpiece. Normally reserved for a much larger house, this outpost showcases an open floor plan at it’s finest. Three hundred and sixty degree views provide the perfect excuse for an experiment of stone and glass. Exposed beams in the ceiling, unfinished wood in the floors, and overall simplistic aesthetic goes a long way to matching it’s environment. Perfect for a couple who wants to get away or an artist with a creative block, this outpost in the middle of Idaho truly inspires.