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Mountain View Hosensinn Architektur

A modern location scout for the “Sound of Music” would definitely put this house on the map. Located in the breathtakingly beautiful region of Bad Aussee, Austria, this modern retreat was built with it’s location front and center. Glass encases the back of the home which along with 2 porches and a pool provide mountain views any time of the day. Aesthetically, the interior of the home is simple, refined, and comforting. It mixes thin wooden planks, white walls, and glass to provide a welcome sense of openness  for the home no better seen then the view from the top of the first story staircase.

Summers in Milan Rangr Studio & Chartlet Design

Simple, elegant, maintainable. Originally designed as a weekend retreat for a couple who had rented in the area for quite some time, this house was built with a small budget in mind. While not exactly a head turner from the street, it’s the rear of the house that will create inspiring views. Located just outside Milan, NY, the rear of house provides some excellent views of the Catskill Mountains. Nothing is overdone or complex here, just a simple floor plan and a great porch located atop a peaceful hill with some room to breath. Sounds lovely.